Patient And Family Stories

David and Ruth, Melbourne, Victoria

I have been a health professional all of my life, firstly as a pharmacist, and later as a chiropractor. My greatest joy has been listening to people’s stories of their lives and being able to advise them about their health issues. I know that I have made a difference to their health and to their lives. I have been a member of a choir for many years and enjoy singing in harmony with my fellow choristers. When my hearing began to fail I had surgery twice, and then when it failed further I was fitted with hearing aids. I can now hear perfectly and enjoy singing, social gatherings, and conversations with friends and family. I have agreed to donate my temporal bone when the time comes in the belief that it will help medical science to further understand the problems that people like me have experienced with hearing.

My husband David has had problems with hearing for many years. He had surgery on his ears when he was younger but when he was in his sixties his hearing deteriorated markedly. He was unable to converse with friends and our grandchildren, and became frustrated when he could not hear them. After he was fitted with hearing aids his life changed dramatically as he is able to hear clearly, and it gives me great pleasure to see him taking part in family conversations now. David has always wanted to help others; which is reflected in his career as a pharmacist, and then as a chiropractor. I am very proud that he has registered to donate his temporal bone.

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