Vision And Mission:

The Temporal Bone Donor Society Inc. aspires to be inclusive of religious and culturally and linguistically diverse groups, increase temporal bone donation across Australia, further knowledge of balance and hearing disorders, and raise awareness of the benefits of this for society.

The Temporal Bone Donor Society Inc. will achieve this through the seeking of endorsements, the provision of education, establishing connections, and forming partnerships.

The Society’s Principal Purposes Are:

  • To promote the prevention, control and treatment of clinical balance and hearing disorders
  • To raise awareness of the Australian Temporal Bone Bank
  • To advance knowledge of temporal bone donation among medical specialists and allied health professionals

Its Key Features Will Include:

  • Engagement with clinicians, hospitals, and specific patient group associations
  • Partnerships
  • Networks: local communities, religious and cultural groups, industry, and volunteers
  • Financial and resource donors
  • National promotion
  • Support for registered patient donors and their families/significant others